Dear Tommy,

I want to first wish you and your staff a happy new year. Secondly, we just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the work done by you and your staff at our home. Everyday since the install we both (my wife and I) marvel at how it has changed our daily lives.

My Wife would very rarely come outside on the patio before the installation of our security screens. She would always complain about the mosquitos and other bugs biting her. There was no enjoyment for her at all. It also bothered me when working outside in the back yard trying to eat a sandwich on the patio with the flies and other insects wanting a piece of it. However, subsequent to the install, my was has gone out on numerous occasions to snack, watch television, or just chill out on the patio. Of course, I can now take naps without getting stung by bees or wasps.

The security screens are beautiful and they blend in with our existing exterior colors. They also provide an extra level of security. We can keep our doors open from several entry points because the screens are locked.

From an historical perspective we had talked vaguely about getting something done to our patio in some manner but not like a room conversion. Therefore, in our quest to explore some ideas, we solicited bids from several contractors. However, you were the first and the only one who said it could be done. The others were looking for a slam dunk type of project something easy and quick with no challenges. Every time we hosted a contractor, we would always wind-up saying that you offered the best alternative,

We know now that we made the right decision. The quality of the work done by your staff was superb. Also, the professionalism and friendly attitude exhibited by them was outstanding. Even our neighbors commented on how friendly your staff was.

Our project was completed on November 11, 2020 and we have been enjoying it almost every day. Thank you for changing our daily routines for the better. We will be communicating with you in the future with regard to some other future endeavors.

Eugene & Irene



We absolutely love our patio, since we had Security Screen Master of Texas enclose it. It is a wonderful new outside room. No more fierce wind that kept us from enjoying being outside. The screens allow for a nice light breeze. The screens make the patio cooler and also keeps the sharp glare of the sun lower, not to mention no more pesky insects. The screens are super tough but attractive and we like the added layer of security with the locking panels. We have received many compliments on the finished product.

It has been a pleasure to do business with Tommy. He, his associate Paul, and crew are dedicated to excellence. They want every customer to be a satisfied customer so they take great pains to make sure installation is as perfect as possible. We are very happy with our investment and highly recommend this company and product!

Rob and Jackie W.



We are extremely happy with the quality and beauty of our Screen Master window screens!  But even more valuable than the quality of the product is the integrity and quality of Tommy himself. He has gone beyond what we would have expected to provide outstanding customer service.  One such occasion involved a ‘situation’ where a family member at our home locked themselves out of the house while we were on vacation.  While this was not the fault of the security screen entrance door, Tommy provided assistance in replacing the door hardware so the family member could use the door.  We would highly recommend the product and the company!

Kristin and David



I have had several contractors at my house but Tommy was by far the best I have ever had. He was professional and prompt and the screen door that he put in on my front door was just perfect.  I would highly recommend his company if you want added security and safety to your home.

Rick H.


We had Security Screen Masters install security screen windows and doors around our whole house.  In total, we put in 12 window screens plus large sliding screen doors plus solar screens in two attic windows.

Product Review: Exceptional quality and manufacture. Screens are very well crafted from the heavy-duty steel mesh net to the aluminum frame. I have been searching around with several suppliers’ products, but I immediately felt in love with consistency of this product as I feel more secure. The screen doors do not look like security and have a nice appearance.

Crew: To make a product greater and more valuable in the long- term run, you need proper installation. Just one word to summarize the teams approach throughout the process: “Outstanding”. The were highly professional and skilled from the beginning. Patiently listening and promptly responding to all my questions and needs. Very attentive to single details from the beginning to cleaning at the end of installation. Tommy was also extremely helpful to personally overcome any HOA objections so my approval process was also facilitated and the screens were quickly approved.

Overall: I used to travel so I wanted a product that can offer me a certain level of warranty and security. With no doubt these screens meet my expectations vs any potential threat of intruders either if I am home or away. They also offer me a highly consistent protection vs the suns heat which translates into energy savings (my AC does not need to run all day long) and house is always comfortable at the temperature I set it to. I am highly satisfied with my purchase and would definitely recommend the Original Security Screen Masters  to everyone who is looking for a valid satisfying home investment in quality and costs.

Frank, The Colony Texas